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I have just purchased and unboxed a new Revolation x3210 and am anxious to use it. 

I have plugged it in, cleaned all the parts, alligned all the contacts, read all the directions and am ready to go. Turn it on and all it does is blink "HHH" and beep incessantly. Has anyone else come across this? 

I've left a VM at Chocovision but not heard back yet. I'd love to be able to use it this weekend but need help. Anyone?



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I wanted to know if you found the cause of this problem?



Hi Sean. Yes. I spoke with the company soon after and it was a faulty machine. Nothing I could do but return the whole unit to them and have another shipped out. Have loved my new machine every day I've had it. Never a problem.


Thank you. I was afraid that I would have to send it back.

Ah crap. You got one too? I guess it got bashed around during shipping. They test them all before sending so it worked when it left the factory. Call them. They are very nice.

Good luck.


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