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Revolution (Rev) 3Z Chocolate Tempering Machine Temperer

Anybody used the Revolution (Rev) 3Z Chocolate Tempering Machine Temperer? If so, did you like it? Thanks! Christine

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Hi, Christine ~ No. I've got the Delta. Would love to know if anyone has used it yet. Enjoyed meeting you earlier in the year at the Fancy Food Show - I think you were doing a showcase at Crate & Barrel or Pottery Barn? I'm the one whom you inspired after the Chocoholics Tour of SF. Hope the business is doing great!


Our Ecole Chocolat graduates have been posting their experiences with their tempering machines in our Tempering Machine forum which is also open to the public.  We thought you might like to know about the existence of this very specific forum. Our graduates find useful information here about various Tempering Machines to help them make decisions about purchasing equipment.


Also we’d love to have you share your experiences by simply logging in using the instructions on the Forum header.  We never use that login list for anything other than the forum so there are no worries that you will receive any other information from us.


Check it out at see the link to the Chocolate Tempering Machine Forum under Resources in the top of the right column menu.



Program Coordinator

Ecole Chocolat

Thank you Marie! I remember running across this site when I was researching in the summer but forgot when I'd found it. I'll check it out.

Is this forum still public.  I can't find it on your site.

Thanks, Skeet


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