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Hi, has anyone had a problem with their x3210 software freezing during a tempering cycle?  Mine seems to do it all the time such that I've only got 2 successful batches run all the way through a cycle.  I have talked to tech support and even replaced the main board, and it still has the problem.  Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Mike,

I had a similar problem several times with my x3210, during the seed phase. When it was time to add the seed chocolate, I'd do so, and the temp would come down a few degrees, but then it would just seem to get stuck or even go back up a degree or so. Chocovision sent me a new baffle, but that didn't solve the problem. Through trial and error, I finally fixed the problem (so far anyway) by making sure I keep stirring my chocolate well as it is getting close to its top melting temp (I melt to 120F), and then also stirring after hitting the seed button and adding the seed chocolate. I also throw a few extra chunks of seed chocolate directly into the melted chocolate, rather than behind the baffle, to help the chocolate cool down. Third, I make sure the kitchen is cool (under 70F).

I use a digital thermometer to test the temp of the melted chocoIate in the bowl, and I've noticed that there can be a range of about 5 degrees in various parts of the bowl, if you don't stir. I think my problem was caused by the baffle reading 120 when some of the chocolate was actually 4-5 degrees higher. So when it was time for the temp to come down, the thermometer in the baffle would hit these hot spots, and be unable to drop as it should. Stirring helps ensure a uniform temperature.
Hope this helps.


Hi Mike,


I just recently discovered the Chcolate Life website and have been checking out some of the discussions. Did you ever solve your problem with the Revolution x3210?  We purchased a Revolution 2 in order to temper small batches of chocolate for decorating truffles. We are having exactly the problem that you described.

Thanks, Cathy

Hi Cathy, I honestly don't know what caused the problem (Chocovision tech support doesn't know either).  I had a new board put in, and we still had the problem, then one day it stopped. I have used it probably a hundred times since with no problem.  My only guess is that you shouldn't press any more buttons than necessary while its running its cycle, I think its easy to confuse the machine's logic board.  I haven't dared try to recreate the problem for fear it would be back to stay if I managed to.


Hope this helps, and sorry I don't have a more definitive answer.



Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly. What you said makes some sense, as it worked fine in the beginning, and then after trying to change the vicosity as per the instruction manual, (pushing buttons during the cycle!) it gave us trouble and hasn't worked properly since.

Hopefully ours will magically reset as yours did!



I discovered that the machine should not be too close to the wall at the back or next to other machines esp if they also generate heat. It heats up and then gets stuck. When I separated my 2 machines from eachother and a bout20cm from the wall my problems stopped.
At this point, ours will not heat up at all.
if it does not even turn on it may have overheated and burned out- there are two fans inside-just like in a computer and when they don't work there is overheating and this can cause damage. I know that Ian the owner of chocovision is a member here-try contacting him.
Thanks for the suggestion Ilana.


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