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I hope there is someone out there who can help me...I am new at the chocolate world and I am looking for a recipie for a smooth rich and creamy filling for chocolates that I can flavour with various flavourings but I do not want to use cream or milk.  I am in Florida and the weather can be very hot and humid therefore I am willing to use butter but am scared of cream there anyone out there who can help me or is this a big no-no to ask for recipies??????  Someone I know worked at publix bakeries and she uses the creamy centers that she learned there and it does not have cream or milk but will not tell me the recipie...thanks everyone

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I don't think it's a no-no to ask for recipes. The whole purpose of an online forum is to share ideas and help each other.

Having said that, I would revisit your decision to use butter rather than cream. Butter goes rancid too. Having said that, you could use clarified butter, which will prolong the life of your product somewhat, while at the same time still give you a "melt in the mouth" center.

I would experiment with a ganache recipe, and instead of using cream to soften the chocolate, use clarified butter (just not with a 1-1 substitution!). You will need to experiment a bit.

Just watch your overall fat content. It can get VERY high.

I've had success using coconut cream in place of dairy cream (for a vegan line I produce). But I've made them only on demand, so I don't know what the extended shelf life is. But it's something you can experiment with easily enough. The coconut flavor is actually pretty mild, especially with the darker darks.

I also think that sweetened condensed milk might work too......
Any soft fat or many oils can be used, just watch the flavor they bring. Also consider a nut praline to make a gianduja. They are especially nice with other brown flavors.
Thanks for all your advice everyone
you can use a cooked or none cooked fondant center in making your chocolates. The cooked fondant is really creamy but it requires using eggs, which can be very risky when it comes to shelf life and food allergies. I only use real cream, butter, pure vanilla, etc in all of my chocolate products. I have used the no cook fondant and the with fresh fruit puree and the centers turned out creamy
I use fondant with a 'frappe' which is a low boil sugar syrup with rehydrated egg albumin whisked in. this is then thinned down to the desired consistency with 'bob' syrup, a corn syrup and water mix. you can flavour this with pretty much anything and it has a long shelf life owing to the absence of fats and the low water activity.
Oh Now you are just talking chinese to me...LOL
But here in Florida I am really concerned about the eggs and cream etc....
Many rich creamy fillings can be formulated with fractionated palm oil. Not easy to find in the USA thanks to some uninformed 'experts'. Palm Oil is 50% saturated with the same triglycerides as cocoa butter, but in different proportions. Stearic Fatty Acid which makes up a part of the saturated fatty acid content is not absorbed by the body, which in turn raises some interesting questions about its calorie content per gram.

Because it is fractionated, there is no risk of trans fatty acids.

These fats can have a cooling effect like coconut fat, or a soft creamy texture.

Croklaan, AAK or Britannia Food Ingredients in the UK could supply these fats. I am an independent consultant with 47 years in the chocolate confectionery industry & would be glad to work with you on this.


Chris Taylor

I live in Tampa Bay - so I understand the issues. we have ganache without cream in it may be more stable in the hotter climates. We also offer samples you can give them a try we have three filling ganaches of White, Dark & Milk Chocolate and the others are flavored and you can make them into a filling option.

Thank you, Sandra Mallut


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