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Hi Chocolate friends!

we just got a new roaster (for coffee) to be able to roast more beans. I'm starting my testings as it is much different than roasting in a convection oven. Any ideas, suggestion or tricks? The roaster is a 15kg/hour roaster, gas operating with variable drum speed. 

any help or comment is great!


Thanks Nino

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What made you decide to switch from a convection oven?  Were you using a forced convection oven or one with radiant heat?

Hi Dave, i need to roast quite few tons...

went from small testing (in a good convection oven -home style) to i need to roast at least 80 kg a day... but to speed up learning curve it would be great if any one has been there and have few tips..


A residential-grade oven - that explains it your eagerness for something new.  We have a small test-size drum roaster and just bought a double-stack commercial forced convection oven so we can to 30kg batches.  PM me and we can compare notes.  Congratulations and good luck with the growth!


PM to compare notes? I'd bet that there are a lot of people here on TheChocolateLife who would like to know about making the transition from a convection oven to a drum roaster (gas or electric). Also, curious, interested in knowing some more about the oven ... full/half size pans, number of racks, rough price? Don't need the brand.

Antonino - It's all time versus temperature. Are you saying that when the gas roaster is set for the same temperature as the convection oven (was set to) that the results are very different? How? Lighter roast, darker roast?

Also, Antonino - when was the last time you checked the temperature of your (home) convection oven with a good thermometer? Are you sure the temp is what the oven thinks and says it is?

:: Clay

Hi Clay, i will post soon  my tests, no need to be so "secrecy" about the work of chocolate between us...

let me explain: i have a good (Bosch, electric) kitchen oven at home. There i have been doing my tests and also baked about 80kg of beans at 175*C for about 30 min.

Temperature has been measured with 3 different thermometers, so consistency has been checked.

As well there is also the Humidity to take in consideration, i usually opened the oven after 20 min for 10 sec to release extra humidity.



Now i'm running test on a 15kg/hour brand new  coffee-roaster and i already noticed that time and temp. must be changed.

i did run tests on Peruvian beans,

On the Peruvian beans i noticed a perfect roast all the way (170*C for 20min) but the shell is really burned.

Today on Dominic Rep. (the one i usually roast at home) then will be easier to compare results.

I'll keep posted.

Ciao from South Africa!



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