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Robot Coupe with Vacuum attachment to increase shelf life


I am finalising my list of equipment for my new chocolate shop, and am looking at investing in a robot coupe with a vacuum attachment. I would be interested to know if anyone has any experience working with it and if it does in fact, increase the shelf life of cream filled bonbons?


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On it's own - no.  It has the potential to, but only if your formulation is appropriate, and just as importantly, if you're materials handling procedures are appropriate.  it's meant to  minimize the amount of ambient air (and subsequently, ambient microbes) that encounter your product.  You'll never eliminate them - that's impossible- but if your water activity is low, and you are careful not to re-introduce lots of ambient organisms post vacuum mixing, then the potential is there.

I'd say there are far more effective ways of helping increase shelf life - most notably via formulation.


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