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Not a chocolate bar, but made in the same vein, has anyone tried Sahagun's coffee bar in Portland? I'd like to try it, or try making my own, but not really willing to pay the $10 shipping for a $5 bar if it's not amazing.

Anyone know what's in it besides coffee? I was talking with a coffee researcher here in Hawaii about making one of these, but he thinks the coffee oils would behave so differently from cocoa butter, that it would be hard for it to work.

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Yes. Ingredients are cocoa butter, coffee, and sugar. Tastefulness and execution are excellent. Montes set the standard by which imitators will be judged. It's up to you, of course, but $15 seems like a small price to pay for a product you're considering reverse-engineering.
I have had Sahagun's Kapow bar and it is excellent. Worth every penny.
What an interesting concept! I just ordered one myself ($7 shipping to here) and may also try making it, depending on how I like hers. Cafe au lait might be nice. I wonder if you have to temper it before molding?
Pretty certain you'll have to temper the bar- cocoa butter is a big part of it.
I just bought one of these and their Sundrop truffles with sunflower seed honey filling since the recommendations were so high for all their chocolate. I talked to Elizabeth on the phone and she was able to do lower-cost USPS flat rate shipping on request. Looking forward to trying it!
Speaking of other non-chocolate things to do with cocoa butter:
Ha! That's hilarious Seneca! Thanks for posting that. 
I guess you could make most edible liquids solid at room temp by putting them in cocoa butter but it seems like a pain since you have to temper it then too.


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