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Hello everybody.
I need advice from anyone who happened to visit previous years of this chocolate event, or someone who knows more (anything) about 2009 Salon du Chocolat exhibition.
It seems there are two following events:
14-16. October 2009 Salon du Chocolat Professionnel and 13.-18. October 2009 Salon du Chocolat. It is the same venue, but is it the same thing?

My main reason for going is to gain new contacts/info as I have a shop with artisanal chocolate in Slovakia and I'm new to this business. However, I can only go for 2-3 days, when is it best to attend, which event etc.?

Or perhaps someone more experienced than I could suggest a worthwhile event in 2009/2010 in Europe?
Do please write, I'm a bit stuck about booking the tickets- I want to learn as much as I can, but I don't want to waste my time/money....Many thanks, Ivica

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The organization of the Salon du Chocolat sites is (and always has been) confusing, I have to agree, but here's what's up:

The Professionnel Salon appears to be a two-day bi-annual fair-within-a-fair aimed specifically at the industry. It overlaps the annual general consumer fair, which lasts five days.

Whether or not this event is of value to you is largely dependent on the companies who will be exhibiting. However you schedule your trip, should you decide to go, just make sure that it overlaps the two days of the professional event. You can go to both days of that and one day of the consumer show.

The only other similar event is Eurochocolate which is in Perugia, which starts - believe it or not - on the 16th of October. This show lasts over a week. Again, take a close look at the list of exhibitors before making up your mind.

:: Clay
Clay, thanks a lot. Yes, I saw that Eurochocolate is at the same time- quite anoying.

Regarding the Salon du Chocolat, I've tried to find the list of exhibitors, but no luck so far.

Have you been to any of these fairs?

Cheers, ivica
Only the ones in the US which are much, much smaller than their Parisian counterparts so there is no comparison.
Hello Ivica and Clay,
From what I have heard you are right Clay. For the first time I am going to attend the Salon in Paris. As soon as I find out more details I will let you know.
I am a cocoa grower from Brazil and want to get new contacts/info also as you Ivica. It would be nice if we could meet there.
Clay are you going to attend it? Do you know of any other members who are planning to attend?
It would be nice to meet face to face and exchange ideas.
Lola Gedeon

If I end up making the trip I will probably (as I explained below) make the opportunity to visit Paris as well as London. In which case let's definitely plan to meet. I have someone for you to send sample beans to, I'll get that to you privately.

:: Clay
I am looking forward to receiving the names/e-mail regarding bean samples. We are still on for Paris but each day the dollar is weakening and travel out of Brasil is really becoming a budget problem. We have lost 35% of the dollars value this year....

B Regards
Jim, if I do go to Paris, I'd be delighted to meet you! Thanks for replying.

Clay, I see you're going to Eurochocolate, why did you choose this one? I must say, I find their website also pretty impossible to navigate (I'm beginning to wonder if it is me?!).... that is if I visited the correct one

Have you seen the list of exhibitors?

I do hope there is someone among the members who can tell us more about the exhibitions?

Best, Ivica

Truth to tell the major reason is that I've been to Paris (though not the show) and I've never been to Perugia. Also, the international marketing manager for Eurochocolate is a member of TheChocolateLife and even though I have known the organizers of the Salon du Chocolat since the first event, they have never reached out to me.

In fact, what will probably happen is that I will arrange a trip that takes me to Perugia, Paris, and London if I can afford it.

:: Clay
Clay, thanks so much for your response and I do hope it is help to other members not just me.

Would it be too much trouble for you or the international marketing manager for Eurochocolate to please paste a link where I could view the list of exhibitors? I simply cannot find it on the website. I can't be too early for such a list, or is it?
Also as such a first-hand-knowledge person is a member of this forum, perhaps they could write a little bit about Eurochocolate?....I wouldn't mind swapping Paris for Perugia :)

Cheers, Ivica
Dear Ivica,
I'm Anna Franceschini Eurochocolate International and FairTrade Officer. How can I help you to find info about Eurochocolate ?
Are you a consumer? chocolate specialist ? maitre?
This is the link where you can find the expositors list of 2008 Eurochocolate commercial area ( called Chocolate show)
You can find also more on my page on the chocolate life.
Anyway, I will tell you more about the festival.
From 1994 Perugia City center host on the second half of october ( this year from 16th to 25th) the chocolate event most famous in Italy and one of the most important in Europe.
The format is:
A chocolate selling area ( called Chococolate Show) a big opean air selling exposition with the most representative chocolate italianartesanals firms and multinational firms among whose: CApitano rosso ,
de bondt, dolcevita, vanini, drei maister, giraudi,l'albero degli dei,maestrani,piluc,coppeneur...
Eurochocolate world - special section dedicated to cocoa producers country with expo and selling corner of fairtrade chocolate and atresanals chocolate came from ghana , ecquador, Indonesia, peru..ecc.
Master an d courses for professionals
Special events dedicated to chocolate as chocolate sculptures live, chocotasting,
Dabates and meetings.

please visit my page.
Best regards
Hi Anna, I'm really glad that you responded- thanks so much! Could you add a bit more info on the courses you mention?
I'll look at your page...THANKS
Hi Anna,

I am travelling to Perugia in order to attend your show. Will I need any documentation to get into the "Eurochocolate World" section? I have just set up a business producing chocolate and would like to meet some cocoa producers.



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