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Hello everybody.
I need advice from anyone who happened to visit previous years of this chocolate event, or someone who knows more (anything) about 2009 Salon du Chocolat exhibition.
It seems there are two following events:
14-16. October 2009 Salon du Chocolat Professionnel and 13.-18. October 2009 Salon du Chocolat. It is the same venue, but is it the same thing?

My main reason for going is to gain new contacts/info as I have a shop with artisanal chocolate in Slovakia and I'm new to this business. However, I can only go for 2-3 days, when is it best to attend, which event etc.?

Or perhaps someone more experienced than I could suggest a worthwhile event in 2009/2010 in Europe?
Do please write, I'm a bit stuck about booking the tickets- I want to learn as much as I can, but I don't want to waste my time/money....Many thanks, Ivica

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The 15th it is. Same hotel, same time.
I am hoping that someone who attended the Salon du Chocolat can help out with some guidance. I am planning to attend this year and am somewhat confused as to the flow of the show. Thanks to the info already provided here I see that there is a professional and a consumer show.

Question 1 - Does the professional show showcase chocolate suppliers and chocolate equipment moreso than the work of other chocolatiers (My main goal for attending is inspiration - not so much looking for suppliers and equipment)?

Question 2 - In looking at the events that take place I see repetition (I think!). Although the show lasts 5 days, what is the time recommendation for attendance?

Question 3 - Do the World Chocolate Masters always take place at the Salon - or did that just happen last year?

Any other advice as to how it all works and what is most interesting would be greatly appreciated.

The Professional Salon takes place every other year. So, the next is in 2011. The next World Chocolate Masters will take place in 2011 - maybe at the professional salon, maybe not.

The exhibitors are a mix of industrial chocolate makers, growers associations, equipment makers, and the like. If you are looking for inspiration by looking at others' work then the consumer show is where you should spend your time.

You can see all you need to see at the consumer salon in at most two full days - one if you really hurry and don't spend any time talking to anyone; just looking. There is not a lot of free tasting going on. However, not everyone involved in chocolate in Paris (let alone France) exhibits at the salon so you'll want to spend at least a couple of days in Paris on your own visiting shops around the city.

:: Clay
Very helpful. Thanks so much Clay.


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