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Hello everybody.
I need advice from anyone who happened to visit previous years of this chocolate event, or someone who knows more (anything) about 2009 Salon du Chocolat exhibition.
It seems there are two following events:
14-16. October 2009 Salon du Chocolat Professionnel and 13.-18. October 2009 Salon du Chocolat. It is the same venue, but is it the same thing?

My main reason for going is to gain new contacts/info as I have a shop with artisanal chocolate in Slovakia and I'm new to this business. However, I can only go for 2-3 days, when is it best to attend, which event etc.?

Or perhaps someone more experienced than I could suggest a worthwhile event in 2009/2010 in Europe?
Do please write, I'm a bit stuck about booking the tickets- I want to learn as much as I can, but I don't want to waste my time/money....Many thanks, Ivica

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Thank you Clay for answering. I'm new to this network and still discovering, but you answered better than I would do.

About the website, I know it can be very confusing, we're working on a fresh and easier version for the end of the year, after the Paris Show.

You'll find the list of exhibitors for the consumer show here :

and the list of exhibitors for the professional show here :

I Hope it can help.

Genaro, thank you very much for putting the links here- great help!

Does anyone have more info on EUROCHOCOLATE?

Cheers, Ivica
It may be fun if those of us going could plan a time to meet if scheduling permits.
Oooh! That'd be fun. My husband and I will be doing a detour to Eurochocolate during our Italy trip as well.
Hi Robert, which event are you attending?
Hi to all hoping to attend Salon du Chocolat!

Is anyone visiting on 14th and/or 15th of October?

Clay suggested "meeting up in {an Hotel called} Pavillon Porte de Versailles (37, rue du Hameau) which is just off the Rue de Vaugirard and the Porte de Versailles metro stop and within a couple of minutes' stroll of the Expo Center where the Salon du Chocolat is being held.

I will be in the lobby of the hotel on Friday morning, October 16th, from 8:00am on to meet with everyone who wants to gather and have a coffee or chocolat chaud before heading over to the show to be there for the opening bell".

I personally can't make that Friday morning, but would be very happy if anyone visiting the two previous days wanted to meet.

Cheers, Ivica
Hi Folks,

Not sure about Paris yet but I am going to Perugia for Eurochocolate and it would be good to meet any other listers. I'm there Staurday to Saturday and my scehdule is pretty flexible.


I am arriving on the 17th in Perugia and leaving on the 21st. Not exactly sure of the lay of the land yet but will keep you informed).

:: Clay
We could also meet the morning of the 15th if that works better for everyone.
Clay, that would be great! I'm all for it. Hope more people will be there...
Jim is not going to be able to break away for the event but I will be there in his place. I'm the Brazilian wife and will be there as a representative of the Brazilian Agriculture group from the cacau region of Bahia. We have an area reserved in the show and will have samples and literature available. I would be very happy to meet with you, Clay and others on the 15th. I assume the location and time of day remain fixed.


If you need other information you can contact me e-mail
Hi Lola, I'd delighted to meet you. I'll look out for you at the Salon!

Let's see if Clay confirms the date for our morning rendezvous as the 15th, i.e. Thursday. I'm keen and would like to come...



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