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I am off to Paris in a few days to attend the Salon du Chocolat.  I have a question for those of you in the know.  Can I purchase chocolates at the Salon?  Or is it like the Fancy Food Show where no purchases are allowed?  I am assuming - because the show is open to the public - that sales are a big factor in the event.

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Can't answer your question but I'm hoping that you have a wonderful time! Let us know all about it. Bon Voyage!
I'm sure you can buy both chooclates and chocolate bars. I did two years ago.
Wonderful! Thank you so much.
I'm Sure there are trade stands that will sell you couverture but a bigger problem for you would be the strikes and riots that are happening in France at the minute.. You may not even get out of the airport.. Sorry to give you such bad advice !!
Yes, I'm aware of the strikes. We've arranged transportation from the airport so aren't relying on RER B which is most likely on strike.
We're bringing our walking shoes!
While you are browsing the show, drop by the Brazilian display and ask for Lola. She speaks English and can explain the Brazilian cocoa situation. The cocoa industry in Brazil is undergoing a major transformation with regards to quality standards and you will be pleasantly surprised at the type of beans available. She is the owner of a farm and has bean samples for those interested. It will be worth your efforts to talk to her

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