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savage bros Tempering & Molding Workstation vs the selmi top ex

Hi i am looking for anyone with experience with either or both machines and if some one could point me in the direction of which one might be a better buy... Thanks I do understand that the selmi is continues feed option but any feedback would be helpful...

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To be able to answer this question it would  be helpful to know what kind of work you're producing - and how much.

The Savage is a batch melter/temperer and the most common size is 50 lbs, though the molding workstations are larger. In a batch temperer you temper a batch of chocolate and when you're done you temper another, a process that can easily take 30-90 minutes. Depending on the work you're doing you might do TWO batches of chocolate per day - up to about 550 pounds per day.

The TOP on the other hand is a continuous temperer with a working bowl capacity of 60kg and a nominal sustained throughput of ~180kg (400 pounds) per hour.

On the surface, there is no comparison between the two - they are very different beasts for very different applications.

As a ChocolateLife member I can offer you 10% discounts on FBM continuous tempering machines. The sheet metal is not as pretty as Selmi, but the engineering is superior and they tend to cost less Selmi.

If you can give us an idea of what you're producing and how much you produce (peak and off-peak), we can help you better understand the differences.

Hi Ash, 

I'm not going to give you too much information.

Just ask people that use machines of a certain brand (not the people the factories tell you to go) and then you will find out which is the best deal (machine) :-)

Good luck !


I have SELMI LEGEND machine and works great and my recommendation for purchase. It operates automatically and does not need access to water and compressed air. Tempered melted chocolate for 10 minutes. Besides SELMI excellent machines are FBM and GAMI .


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