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A question for all of the Savage Bro experts. We own a Firemixer 14 Tabletop and we are looking at the 50lb Tabletop Temperer. The machines themselves appear to be very similar. Other than the automation of the temperature controls and agitator, is there much difference between these two machines? IF I wanted to go through the bother of manually controlling the Firemixer to temper, agitate and hold, are there any tips or techniques I would want to look out for? I realize this is a specialized question and I may not get a reply, but thank you in advance for looking and pondering.

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I have observed a local business that uses their fire mixer 14 for their white chocolate. Seems to work for them. Why don't you call Javier at Savage and ask him the differences? 

I own both. (actually two tempering machines AND a firemixer)

the most important difference is that the heating element in the firemixer heats the chocolate ONLY on the bottom via an element that can get very hot, whereas the tempering kettles use heaters submerged in a water jacket to ensure the chocolate never burns.


The second you overheat the chocolate on the bottom of your firemixer (and it CAN happen), you will destroy ALL of the chocolate you have put in it - a very costly mistake.


Another significant difference is that the firemixer agitator turns at almost twice the speed of the one in the chocolate machine - which will most likely cause bubbles in your chocolate.


I've always believed in the right tool for the right job, and would never consider using the firemixer to heat and temper something as delicate as chocolate.




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