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Hello!  I am new on the list and enjoying reading all the posts on the forum.  I'm trying to put together a plan to start selling my chocolate in a small way (since my pottery business is full time) at farmers markets.  Does anyone do this and if so, how do you keep your chocolate from becoming a puddle?  I'm assuming coolers but... if the customer can't see the chocolate how do you convince them to buy it?  Good photos?  Thank you in advance! Tracy

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Hi llana! Craigslist is a website used for posting classifieds and forums... Not sure it is used much in Israel. I use it to look for used equipment in other cities in America... It is great for posting things for sale, or to post things that you are looking for. People even post homes and cars for sale.

Cheebs, that clever chocolatier, posted a photo in this thread of a display case he made using a thermoelectric unit from a wine cooler.  I just stumbled on this video showing how to make your own portable fridge.  It's a great idea for farmer's markets, storage etc. - if you're handy!  I think I'll just buy a cooler...  



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