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Hey all,

Thanks for approving my membership. I've had an idea for years of opening a small chocolate shop here in Los Angeles, and this board has truly made me think that I'll eventually do my second act after I finish my writing career. But the reason I'm posting today? I'm selling my domain: BRAINCOCOA.COM. 

Initially, I set it up as a title to a literary magazine (with cocoa being like info, good for the brain), but in the five or so years I've owned, I never really used it. It's a great domain for anyone who wants to tie cocoa/chocolate to being a superfood. And with the recent articles about chocolate being a "brain food:"

CNN Food:

Natural News:

Shape Magazine:

If you're interested in purchasing the domain, feel free to send an offer to [redacted]. I'll listen to all offers. Take care!


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If you are interested in Lawrence's offer, please private message him.

Lawrence - commercial offers belong in the Classifieds section.


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