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Looking at the Selmi one and the Plus and on up, there appear to be no differences in connection where the injection plate would mount for filling molds.  In fact, we have a reducer attached to help with flow issues.  There are even 2 sets of receptacles on the back to plug in the warmer.  So, why will an injection plate not work for this model?  Anyone tried it?  Had one made?

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The way it was explained to me (by people associated with Tomric, Selmi's distributor here in the US) is that there's not enough clearance (back to front and left to right) to fit the standard dosing plates. I can't see any real technical reason why it shouldn't work - but there might also be issues with the amount of pressure generated by the pump and auger (it might be insufficient to push the chocolate through the dosing plates). Personally, I think it's more likely a marketing decision.

I know the export manager from Selmi is a ChocolateLife member, so perhaps Tom can provide a more precise answer to this question.

I have a Selmi One and love it as an entry-level continuous automated tempering machine.  The plate is physically larger than the tank so any excess will not make it back into the machine.  Our next unit will be a Selmi Plus EX and we will use the Selmi One for our lesser used chocolates.  Hope this helps.

Yes, the clearance does make sense.  Thanks for the replies!  Love the Selmi too, may be time to add a bigger one.

Dear All, sorry for my late in the reply, I unfortunately do not have the time to follow this great initiative of Clay every day.

Thanks for loving the Selmi machines...  We are happy to build the equipment for the professionals and with new machinery and new innovations all the time we try to make a difference.

About the Selmi One you will see that the tank is rather small.  Physically it is possible to put the dosing head on the Selmi One, we have several customers that do this, but the outside nozzles will drip in the corners of the vibrating table, which is not really a problem.

The only real problem is when you want to make shells and turn the mould around to let the excess of chocolate drip out of the mould, because then the chocolate from the dosing head will drip on the back of the mould because there is not enough space.  It is not an option to push the pedal to stop the flow of chocolate so long, because inside the machine there is a tempering screw with around the screw cold water that turn for the tempering.  If you push your pedal too long, the chocolate in the screw stops and the cold water will cool the chocoalte too much and your nozzle will block.  It is also a fact that everytime you push the pedal of the machine you reduce the tempering capacity of the machine because in this way in fact you stop the tempering because for the tempering you need a flow...

For this reason we have on our bigger machines special valves.  We are now introducing with Tomric the special 3 way valve with long nozzle to be able to fill spinning moulds and to dose 100% correctly.  The standard machines have a dosing system, but we have to be clear that this machine is a tempering machine and not a dosing machine, so it's not 100% accurate... in fact it is but the more chocolate you use from your tank, the less pressure on the chocolate so the weight can differ during the work.  With the 3 way valve this problem is solved.

Anyway, now I'm giving probably too much information, you know where to find me if you need anything.

I enclose a picture of the machinery that are ready to be shipped tomorrow in our factory, weekly pick up date of the machinery is on Friday  [ Moderator Note: Photo deleted because a photo of boxes of equipment ready to ship is not relevant to the discussion. ]

All the best regards



Is this 3-way valve something that can be added to a Selmi Plus?  I have a lot of problems with dosing inaccuracies.

Oops - realize question had already been answered and for some reason I didn't see it!


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