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Hello everyone,

Sorry if this has been covered before but I couldn't find the answer.


I'm currently looking to buy a tempering machine for my startup. I live in South Korea and have access to Selmi, Gami, FBM brand continuous tempering machines.


I need to change between white/dark/milk chocolates on a daily basis and prefer this process to be as conventient as possible. l'd also prefer to buy only 1 machine to save on costs. The COLOR EX model has caught my interest since its advertised with a removable screw for cleaning? I've contacted some other brands and they told me I'd have to clean the machine and flush it with cocoa butter to change from milk -> white, etc.


I'd like to know how easy it is to change chocolates with the COLOR EX model. How long does it take? is some chocolate wasted? What are the steps involved.


Any help would be appreciated, thank you :)

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To Richard,

Sorry and correct me if I am wrong but I think that Pomati is not the only brand that you represented in the past, isn't it ?  It's important to stay credible in the brands (in this case tempering machines) that you represent and it's impossible to change flags regularly.  

Good luck


To Tom, not sure what you are talking about Tom, we have sold in the past a few machines, JKV 27 years ago, Moldart, a few here and there for last 15 years, and Chocotec Wheel Machines, which we made in Edmonton ourselves for 10 years, sold over 170 of them, before closing that assembly and transferring assembly of last few machines to Bakon USA. Aside from that, I have bought and sold some ACMC machines at Qzina, and purchased for various factories that I have owned over the years machines from Chocoma, Neilson, Carle & Montanari, and Sollich, but never re sold or represented them. I do however consider myself an expert on chocolate machines, and have 30 years experience working with literally thousands of customers who use all kinds of machines, coupled with extremely extensive chocolate manufacturing background, including pure chocolate processing, molding, and much more. We recently began carrying the Pomati line, which is the first and only machine of this style we carry or have ever carried, and I believe they have an exceptional range, and through our network of 7000 customers using chocolate, I am certain they and others will appreciate our investment in this offering. Although Clay does not get commission, he has not approached us, and I am not sure what you have with him, but it seems there is some confusion about what this site is really about, benefits to Clay, his sponsors, or open sharing of information from people with experience whether for fun, enthusiasm, passion, or even some financial benefit. I don't see this site as a mechanism for the latter in my case, but rather as one of many avenues available for everyone to share opinions and perspectives. If your perspective on Qzina is at we change flags, perhaps your information is sensorsed or filtered and you don't have he facts straight because of that. I wish you well with Selmi but you are not the only supplier of this style machine, so I look forward to some sporting competition. Too bad your first contact with us on this matter was in fact "wrong" and you stand corrected, our flag flies high and proud with Pomati.

To all, 

Just form a side-line, this whole discussion is not really interesting to be honest. So could you please do this off line? I guess you know how to find each other? 

Best regards from a remote Amsterdam

Rodney Nikkels


Thank you very much for making this point. I deliberately left this sit overnight to see if there would be any response from the community and to make sure that I was not replying from an emotional perspective. 

I also made a point of going to a meeting of a New York group called The Society of Enlightened Entrepreneurs last night and it was during the meeting that I came to clarity on what to do.

Tom, Richard: Your interests, naturally, lie with the companies you work for or own. My interests lie with TheChocolateLife community. You may disagree or dislike the decisions I make about how I run TheChocolateLife, but they are my decisions to make. At every point I am going to consider the needs of the entire community - as a global entity, which includes my wants and needs, by the way - over the wants of manufacturers and distributors.

Last night, I made the decision to close this thread to further discussion as it had drifted so far from the original poster's question, not because I am trying to "censor" Richard's or Tom's discussions on whether or not I am being "fair" to them. Tom and Richard, Rodney is right: This is a discussion you need to take up off-line. TheChocolateLife is not a place to air the relative merits of your equipment, company's viewpoints, or anything that is not directly applicable to the discussion at hand. I also want to let you know that any continuation of this discussion at any level in any other public posts on TheChocolateLife will be looked upon very negatively.

You can, of course, take this up with me privately; I know you both have my e-mail address.

:: Clay


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