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Hi all, posting to ask if there are any of you in the Southern California area that use a Selmi tempering machine who would be willing to let me see it in action in person.   I'm very interested in buying one, but I would rather not fly to NY to see the showroom demo.  Also, if anyone knows of a shop in Southern California using one, please let me know, and I can try to contact them directly.


Edit: I wanted to clarify that I don't need to touch the machine, just see how it works.


Thanks in advance!




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You can always hop over to Hawaii...I know its Not SoCAl...
I wish.....wait, is airfare included in that offer? ;)
We have one in northern ca (SF bay area) you are welcome to try out if you are ever in the area.

Hi Todd, I actually come through the SF area every few months.  Next trip, if I haven't found one, I will email you.  Thanks for the offer!





If you contact me at or I may be able to help arrange a visit somewhere.



sent you an email, Brian.




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