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I am trying to get together a cost estimate for starting a small chocolate making business. Nothing too fancy - basic dark and milk chocolates in low volumes for starters.

I am located in South Africa and am attending a chocolate making course in June, after which I am hoping to start a chocolaterie.

Any information would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Landia

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Hello Landia,

I wish you all the best for your business prospects. I remember the initial days of my farther 10 years ago who started to make chocolates as a hobby. We have now expanded the idea 10 fold, and have become regular suppliers for a host of chocolate related products (molds, machines, transfer sheets etc. etc.)

We now act as regular suppliers for molds for a number of independent business persons in Europe, UK and have also had previous experience of dealing with a few clients in Africa.

When you have a spare minute or two, please have a look at our website:
You will find a lot of information there. I am sure we can be of much assistance.

Thanks and best wishes.
I would also take into account the weather in South Africa and find a space you can control the temperature year-round.
Make sure that you watch the humidity level as well. It can ruin a good days production if there is too much water in the air.


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