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Does anyone use Sheet Pan Lids?  I have sourced a few makers but they say that they only fit their pans - and I certainly don't need more pans!  A few people have said that they fit the pans they have however.  I found what I thought were generic lids at a restaurant supply house but they look just like the others I sourced.  They assured me these lids fit all standard pans.  So that's question #1 - Has anyone used this type of lid on generic pans?  If so, where did you source your lids?! 

Also, the info the supply house sent said:  "With covers on, pans will NOT fit in sheet pan racks."  What!!!  So that's question #2.  Does anyone have lids which allow the pans to fit in a rack?  If so, where did you get them?!

Here's the link I was sent regarding these lids:


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Cambro 1826CCW clear plastic lids fit full sized standard sheet pans.  Note that they do not "clip on" for a tupperware like seal, but they sure beat the heck out of plastic wrap.  They are also about an inch higher than the sheet pan.


Hope that helps.



That helps a lot Brad!  Thanks!  So being just an inch higher than the sheet pan, I imagine that there is no issue with the rolling rack then?  Also, although they don't clip on, is there some sort of secure fit??  ie. lids don't go flying if you jossle the rolling rack?  You can carry the pan and the lid stays put?


Take a look here. Based on the photo it looks like the issue of whether or not the lid will fit in your rack depends on the way your rack is made.

As for how tight the fit it is. Not having used this exact model, but based on experience with other, similar products, the plastic lid does have a friction fit. How good that fit is depends on many things, including, I imagine, how beat up the pan it's covering is.

Thanks Clay.  Yes, I'm thinking that they will fit my rack.  I'll buy a few and see how it all goes.  I think they'll work out just fine...

We use the covers in our kitchen - as has been mentioned, they are not tupperware tight, actually not tight at all on our pans.  What we've noticed is that it's a bit tight on the width portion of the rolling rack as the cover extends the overall width of the sheet pan.  In some cases, the cover actually "pops" off, and gets stuck, so sits a bit above the pan creating a gap.  We bang it down.  We do like to use them to cover our slabbed items on the s/s table tops as they sit overnight, or to protect them if we happen to be working right next to it on the table.  You can stack the sheet pans on top of each other with the cover on.  We've done that when we've run out of room on the rolling rack.
Thanks for the detailed reply Elaine.  I like the idea of stacking the pans.  That would help when room runs out!  Just to confirm, are you talking about the lids that Brad mentioned or the ones that I referenced in the original post?

The ones that you pointed out.  I'm not sure how the one that Brad pointed out would sit on the sheet pan with that flatter edge?

The good thing about stacking them is they do get more an airtight experience and we will put something weighted on the top of the stack for that last tray.  We had an issue with a hungry mouse for about a month this past winter.  Ick.


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