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Hi, Does anyone have any knowledge of posting chocolates in high temperatures?

We are located in Sydney, Australia and would like to start selling our gift-boxes online.

Does anyone have experience in doing this.

Our temperatures range from 25-35 degrees Celsius (77-95 Fahrenheit)- mainly over the summer months.

I am trying to find an alternative to polystyrene boxes (as they are bad for the environment and take up heaps of space). Any help would be appreciated :-).


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Hi Natan
We regularly ship chocolate all over Australia, including WA and NT. Our chocolate isn't a finished chocolate though, we ship the chocolate melting buttons, but also chocolate transfer sheets. We find newspaper makes an excellent protection material and it also provides extra padding. On extreme days, we also add in a cold pack (the ones that aren't water based so they don't leak). To date we haven't had any spoilage. If the temperature if really extreme, (like 38-40 degrees) we try not to ship as its pretty impossible to protect chocolate if its going to be sitting in a hot truck. Hope this helps. Amanda
Hi Amanda

Thanks for your suggestions.

Our chocolates are finished and I am often concerned about spoilage.

Can you suggest the brand of the "dry packs" you use? Are you using normal cardboard boxes?


Yes we use standard cardboard boxes. Admittely they are quite big boxes because we are shipping out bulk products to customers etc, but to date no problems. We also have a customer we sent bulk choc buttons to in the north of WA and we actually use Aust Post Express Post satchels, because at least that way you know its going there as quick as it can. The cold pack brand is They are from Penrith. Good luck.
Hi Amanda

Many Thanks.

Kind regards,


There have been a number of discussions about warm weather shipping on TheChocolateLIfe. Here is one of the more extensive ones.

Much of the references are to US firms, but there's definitely enough here to help out.

:: Clay
Hi Clay
Thanks very much.



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