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I've been researching how to extend shelf life and have found lots of information on water activity and spoilage inhibition. However I have not been able to find anything on how much Shrink Wrapping a box of chocolates will increase shelf life. I bought Wybauw's third book, Fine Chocolates 3, Great Experience: Extending Shelf Life, and have learned about ingredients, water activity, and so forth but little mention is made of shrink wrapping. We make cream fondant centers and drying out is my primary problem.

We don't have a storefront yet and are preparing for a big Christmas gift show to be held on Nov. 15-17. The ideal scenario would be for customers to  buy them within a few days of consumption, but I'm working with what I have and reality is that many people who buy chocolates at the November show will do so with the intent of using the chocolates as Christmas gifts.

That said, we've been able to get a general 30 days out of boxed chocolates at cool/normal room temperatures before the centers have dried and become less desirable.

I know storage conditions will have a lot to do on the shelf life & evaporation and I am trying to find a way to confidently get a few more weeks of shelf life while maintaining the creaminess of the chocolate.

Does anyone have some information on how much shelf life can be increased by shrink wrapping or flow wrapping chocolates?



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Do you know about this class offered by Ecole Chocolat?

I'm planning to take it!

Hope this helps,


Thank you Jeff!

I've followed the chocolate apprentice and have looked into Ecole Chocolat, but it has been awhile.

I hadn't heard about that class, but it is right up my alley. Especially how they reference "Science" several times in their course description.

I'll be in that one.

This brings up the thought of taking a food manufacturing course at a  local college/university. I hadn't ever considered that. Thank you!



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