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Hello, I'm new to The Chocolate Life.  On first glance, I see many of you make and sell chocolate, or are very well-educated about it.


But, I'm just beginning, and I don't know what most of these discussions are about. 


Is there anyone else out there who is like me?  Maybe there should be a group for beginners.  I am willing to learn more, but I don't know where to start.

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Welcome to TCL! We all started somewhere. My journey into exploring the world of fine dark chocolate only began in 2007. At that time I was exactly where you are now. We all have to start somewhere. I've learned a lot over the last few years, and tasted lots of great chocolate (and some not so great), so I may be a few steps ahead of you, but not much. I've learned a ton from this site, and met some knowledgeable people who are further down the road than I am. We all share the same joy over eating a great chocolate bar. So just dive in and ask about anything you want to know more about.

BTW, I don't make chocolate either. I'm just a taster and reviewer, so I don't understand any of the technical stuff either.

Also, I just started a Chocolate Review website that you might want to check out.

Enjoy your journey!
Hi, I'm new to all of this as well. I recently started to learn all I could about chocolate after my sister-in-law signed me up to teach a wine and chocolate class as the chocolate expert! Time for a crash course. I have found it all fascinating and the book, "Discover Chocolate" has been immensely helpful. I'm dying to learn more, though.
Thanks guys! This is very helpful!

So, is it like the only chocolate that really counts is dark chocolate? Or is that just the preference of some people?

Because I can get on board with white chocolate not counting as chocolate (since it has nothing to do with the cacao - at least that's what Food Network told me), but milk chocolate still has some chocolate in it.

And, if I can ask any questions... Do you think it could be possible to find a lost chocolate? I used to get "French Chocolate Mousse" (I haven't the slightest clue if it actually had anything to do with France at all, but that's what they called it) from a coffee shop by my college, and haven't found any chocolate I liked even remotely as much as it since it closed. I've been on a hunt, and thought this might be the best place to ask about it.
Hi Dee,

it's actually not about quantity of cacao in your chocolate, it's about quality of your chocolate. Milk powder increases the caramel taste in chocolate, for instance. Besides, there are quite strong cacaos so you almost have to "delute" them by milk in order to let the taste develope fully and not to be owerpoeering. Neither percentage nore colour can actually tell you how good or bad or enjoyable your chocolate will be. And this discovering is a fascinating journey! There is not only sweetness or bitterness in a chocolate - in a good chocalte you can wxplore plenty of tastes and their synergy. This is the great thing about chocolate for me. It's kind of mini medidation - when you are absolutely open to your senses.
Oooh! Very nice!


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