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Greetings! I am new here, so not sure how to go about all this! I make a mean sipping chocolate for the do I transfer that to the cafe? For those of you who have shoppes that sell sipping chocolate, do you make it from scratch to order? or do you have a batch made and waiting? If so, how do you keep it?

Additionally, for those who sell dense sipping chocolate [with corn starch or tapioca powder], do you make each to order [which seems like an awful long time to wait], or do you have a batch made up and, if so, how do you keep it?

Thanks in advance!!!

Anna :)

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Anna -

There are many different ways to do this ... all depends on what you want to achieve. For the most part I do not like the use of starch thickeners in my chocolate drinks as it changes the texture in ways I do not like. One thing however, is that (I find) it takes time to fully hydrate the starch so you don't really want to make it up a la minute. You can make a dense mousse with the starch in advance and then add the liquid

In my town, the local chocolate shop makes their (French-style sipping chocolate) in advance and dispenses it out of air pots. It's "just" chocolate and dairy - and one of the best sipping chocolates I have had this side of the Atlantic. They use very fresh organic cream. Personally, I think this is the secret - very high quality dairy.

At Bonnat in their salon, they make up the chocolate in advance and put it back in a milk jug in the fridge. They then steam it to heat it for service. At least they did back in '98 when I visited.

You could make a water-based ganache and add the (hot) dairy of choice to the ganache and then whip it using a frother or steamer. I like this approach as it makes it possible to vary the density of the product quite easily by changing the ratio of ganache to dairy - thinner for kids, thicker for adults.

You don't have to steam the milk, you could keep it hot in a coffee urn, as they do for Cuban café con leche. This adds a nice caramel note as the lactose in the milk gets cooked.

Another idea - line the inside of the cup with a layer of tempered chocolate (any milk, white (!), or dark) and use (homemade) chocolate syrup. The hot dairy melts the chocolate lining the cup and adds interest to the drink.

Wow! Thank you so much for you thorough reply, Clay!!! You gave me much to think about!


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