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Hi guys,

I'd like to start a conversation with the hope of establishing if the small private chocolate industry in the UK is growing as much as I have heard it is, would love to hear from any new start up operations as well as the more experienced UK based chocolate makers,


I recently visited a customer of mine who had the entire operation running from his conservatory and it looked very interesting and his chocolate was amazing. I supply cocoa beans from various origins and find the following "bean to bar" operation very interesting indeed. Anyone got any experiences they would like to share ? Please feel free to introduce yourself.





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Hi Anthony,

I'm consulting in Ireland every now and again for a start up chocolate business. I am a qualified French chocolatier and planning to move to London for November. Let me know if you are interested in knowing more about my career, views and ideas.

Best regards,

Herve Leber

Good day Herve,

Thanks for taking time to get in touch,

Well, I was actually wondering what bean to bar workshops are available, or that you could recommend ? preferably in the uk however a little trip to France wouldn't be out of the question. ;-)




Sorry I don't know any but would be interested to visit a place as I don't have experience in it. It would be great to develop a fair trade organic bar Europe with an emphasis on healthy toppings like seeds, nuts, etc...  I believe on whole foods. It probably exist but I'd like to see it on an artisan scale.


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