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Hi everyone-

I hope someone can point me in the right direction here.  We have a few opportunities to sell at local Craft markets and fairs.  We need a small table top/display case.  Portable is the key.  120V AC None of the big dealers know what I'm asking for.  I know I have seen them before- does anyone know where we could get something like this?   



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Here is an Update...right from EIC solutions...

Based on the information you provided, without an internal heat load you would require approximately 1500BTU’s if the ambient temperature is 100F and you would like the case to be 70F.  We have a 1500 BTU unit however it is $2760.00 and it is too large to mount on the size of your case. Our units are not designed for this sort of application. I find a website below that has some blogs about alternative cooling for this sort of application. I hope that you are successful in finding a solution, enjoy your weekend.


...and they linked me here to CL...  LOL least She tried.  Good thing I don't have a time limit on this thing.

andy - thanks for the thorough explanation. i see that it is quite a process, but you're really thought it through (and probably learned a lot by doing/mistakes/what ifs). DFM does have electricity, so that might help somewhat. though we'd still need to address the relative humidity issue very carefully. thanks so much for weighing in with your detailed explanation! with our unseasonably warm and early spring, i am very cautious about how we handle the market! cheers.

If you bang your head on any market issues let me know, glad to either row with you or maybe explain some ideas around them. 4 years taught us more than I'd ever like to know. ;)

If there is a will there's a way; you have a great product and personality so I expect you'll find a warm reception.


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