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Hi Everyone,

I am looking for a source for small quantities (less than 10 pounds) of raw cocoa beans. 

So far the only place I found any is Chocolate Alchemy.  Does any one know of another place that is fair priced?


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Clay, perhaps it should be a "one way" list, that is, posting only for those who have beans or a source for beans for sale.  The lisiing would be updated by the providers as needed.

More like a reference thread than a discussion.  Take the bean discussions to the regular posting areas.

I think it would provide a great service for sellers and buyers, win win for all.

Roger -

It is a good idea - and it belongs in the Classifieds section.

Doing it this way requires that I "police" every post where someone asks to buy or sell beans outside that single post, point them to the correct post, and close down the one where the question is asked (unless it's a blog in which case there's nothing I can do).

I mention that because we tried to create a single "official bean-to-bar chocolate maker" thread and in the end it turned out to be too much work to force all new entries into the single "official" thread.

Blog/discussion software is not the best tool to this. If anyone has some programming skills and wants to work on some useful database tools I would be happy to work on this.

If you are going to facilitate transactions between people, rather than stock the product yourself such as what John Nanci does, there should be some type of membership fee charged for this section.


I could easily write the software for this at a reasonable price.





"due to inflation and the penny being discontinued, my two cents has now been rounded up to a nickel."

Why not just make a wiki page with bean suppliers, origins, and quantities available for purchase? Wikis were created just for tasks like this.


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