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Hi Everyone,

I am looking for a source for small quantities (less than 10 pounds) of raw cocoa beans. 

So far the only place I found any is Chocolate Alchemy.  Does any one know of another place that is fair priced?


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There are many sources for cocoa beans. One I recommend is a new sponsor of TheChocolateLife - Meridian Cacao.

:: Clay

Thanks Clay, any others you can recommend? I would like to have several in my "arsenal", to get a variety of beans to choose from.

Are Meridian Cacao's beans organic (if not certified, do they use pesticides, etc?). Also, are there discounts for TheChocolateLife members?

Hey, i can get you the 10 pounds of cocoa beans from Uganda ( East Africa) for 14 dollars. Stephen Sembuya

Hi Roger

I have a supplier of small quantities of cocoa beans based in the UK. Contact me if of interest.


I am interested in buying small quantities of cocoa beans in the uk
Please advice me


Hi Mariana

Contact MaCoco on for cocoa beans available from the UK


You can also contact Tom Sharkey in Hawaii- Direct from the farmer.  He does small orders.

(808) 895-6600

We have trinitarian cacao beans from Costa Rica :) you can contact me at if you're interested! 

Thank you all for your help!

Imho, I would suggest that the mods make a new category specifically for those of us looking for beans to buy or sell.  It would make these transactions a bit easier for all.


Interesting idea ... and one that I will think about some more if/as people chime in on this.

A generic "Where to Buy" category makes sense to me in a general discussion area.

There is a whole Classifieds section where an "I want to buy/sell cocoa beans" makes a lot of sense and it would be highly specific. I could close this discussion and point to one there.

A "Where to Buy Cocoa Beans" in the main discussion are seems redundant to me.

Anyone have any strong opinions one way or the other?

It is of interest to me - buying small lots of cocoa beans. I saved this thread for future reference, but having it in one spot that makes more sense would be good.


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