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Smallest amount of nibs that can be used in a wet grinder?

I'm just starting out and own a Premier Wonder Grinder like this:

Does anyone have any experience with micro-batches? I'm testing different roasting times and want to use the minimal amount of nibs possible. I don't want to have to use 1kg all at once if I don't have to. I've been experimenting with 2oz batches in my molcajete but obviously the grinding times are limited by what my arm can do (roughly 90 mins).

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I have used that machine for a 500g batch of chocolate (ie., combination of sugar and nibs). It is tricky and you need to keep on top of it - basically you need to make sure enough heat is kept on the nibs and rollers to keep everything moving. I use a heat gun (paint stripper) or hairdryer.

Thanks for the response! Yea that's what I was worried about. I guess I'll have to experiment.

I also use this to make small batches, but I haven't required the use of a hairdryer/additional heat. I use about 350g and add enough sugar to make 70% or so.

Great thanks!


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