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I am a software professional interested in helping chocolate industry through my software skills. Do you have a business situation where you can save time and money by implementing a software solution. I have done the same for wine industry recently, check

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I have recently been searching for some recipe costing software to help with my ongoing business. I have settled on a programme made for the bakery industry which is generally everything I need, but is very much tailored to bakery.
I would have liked something which easily allows the costing of a variety of bonbons in bulk,giving a cost per piece and then the creation of a collection (with one of each piece) costed automatically from the database of product costs. My programme does do this, but it's a bit of a long process and not exactly intuitive.
One more point...most programmes out there cost a fortune!
This is straight forward, I guess. If you can explain with examples, things will be more clear. Shall we discuss in email, my id is mathew (at) pansyssoftware (dot) com
I'm happy enough with my current solution...not least as I found it for free, but I was just giving some feedback on what might be useful for your future potential customers! I think it may be worth writing such a piece of software. The small, artisan side of the industry is booming (in the UK certainly) and cost control is difficult when couverture prices fluctuate so much. No business can be successful if it can't monitor it's costs!
Cool, actually my intention is to help people here who are still looking for a software solution and cannot afford currently available solutions in the market.

Anyway thanks for your inputs. I do agree with you about the importance of monitoring the cost side.
I found this software :
Saves time and money they say.
The recipe costing software is easy indeed and can be combined with a recipe database.
The link appears to go to a page for a transfer sheet printer, not recipe costing software.
I can help you to create your own online store as well. Have a look at the sample store
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