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Solid chocolates versus filled bonbons - trouble with setting up properly

I'm looking for any insight or help on a problem I'm having getting solid chocolates to set up properly. I'm using properly tempered dark chocolate, room temp of 70 deg F. I filled two molds, and emptied one out as a shell to fill later, and kept one as solid. Left at room temp overnight, and the next morning the shell is set perfectly, and the solid chocolates have white swirls throughout, as if it was not tempered.

Thoughts on this and advice on how to avoid this unsightly problem?



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There is still too much heat trapped in the solid chocolate when you cast it.  I don't mold solid pieces and tabletts, but I have seen other chocolatiers pop the filled molds into a fridge briefly (with low humidity)  to get the heat out.

Like Daniel says - it's all about the latent heat of crystallization.  As chocolate crystallizes it gives off a lot of heat and that can throw the chocolate out of temper.  So particularly with solid items as soon as you see the edges starting to show signs of crystallizing throw the mold in a well ventilated fridge to carry off the heat.

Thanks - it's as I suspected. I'll try it this week...


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