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hello, I have another question please. In a local shop, I have found what the man said was solid cocao liquor ? Can this be used to make chocolate from scratch ? he is also selling raw cocao beans at Aus $ 9.00 for a large bag. I didn't see the weight of the bag, but it was large. He told me his Polynesian customers use the cocao liquor to make an alcoholic drink.
Thanks a bunch, joey

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There are many places where the pulp is separated from the beans and fermented to make what they call cocoa wine. It's lightly sparkling with no hint of a chocolate taste - it tastes a lot like a fermentation pile smells (which is not a bad thing but it is an acquired taste). You could also distill the cocoa wine into a spirit. Claudio Corallo in Sao Tome does that.
I have a company that pulls the pulp off the beans that are to be just sun dried and not fermented and he freezes it and sends it to me in little packets. It makes a wonderful juice drink with a little sugar. UUmmm!!
Hey Eric,
I would LOVE to try that! Where do I get it?
Hi Steve, The shop I used to get the solid cocoa liquor stopped selling it for a long time and then suddenly, there it was again. I am in Australia of course but if you want, I am happy to get you some and send it to you. The price the shop charges is $ 11.00 for quite a large cone shaped block. i have no idea what the postage would be. It is bitter to taste. I grate it over truffels.
Hugs, joey
I am interested in the pulp off of the beans. Do you have that?
Hi , no I don't believe the shop has that. Hugs, joey
Hello Samantha and thank you. I have learned a little bit more. I have really been wanting to get hold of that cocoa liquor and play with it but didn't know how. Since I can't afford to buy a machine that would grind the nibs, I thought I might play with this first to get a feel for it. Then later on, down the track, invest in a machine.
Again, thank you.
Blessings, joey
I think there's a liquor made from Cacao called, "Mette." Does anyone know more about it?
I saw this on the following website. Wish i knew the amounts of each...
Blend the following raw ingredients together: melted cacao liquor, agave nectar, carob powder, maca, coconut oil, cacao butter, angstrom calcium, and cashews. Pour into a mould and freeze. Eat cold and experience the truth about the food of the gods! I don't know what angstrom calcium is... anyone ?
Sounds wonderful ! Joey
Angstrom is a size definition. It is a very small particle size that is typical for sub lingual use. It is more readily absorbed in the body in this really small size. By the way, I have made this before and it is pretty good.
Thank you Eric. So whats the % of each item then please ? That is , of course, if you don't mind sharing. Can I leave the angstrom calcium out altogether ?
Thanks so much, joey
I didn't follow an exact recipe. I just started mixing until I thought it was good. Yes, you can leave out the calcium.


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