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hello, I have another question please. In a local shop, I have found what the man said was solid cocao liquor ? Can this be used to make chocolate from scratch ? he is also selling raw cocao beans at Aus $ 9.00 for a large bag. I didn't see the weight of the bag, but it was large. He told me his Polynesian customers use the cocao liquor to make an alcoholic drink.
Thanks a bunch, joey

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Thank you Erik, I shall do that then. Blessings, joey
Do you have the contact details for the shop? I am always interested in trying new bean origins.
Hello Tom, this shop is in Goodna, Queensland Australia....Where are you ?
I am going there either today or tomorrow and I can get a contact number from them for you... whats' your e.mail addie please...? am I allowed to ask that ? I have no idea where the beans come from....It might be on the packet... I'll take a look. I was so surprised to see it in the shop.
Blessings, joey
Thanks that'd be great if you could get a number or something and some more info on the beans. My folks live in Brisbane but I am in Adelaide so I'd probably be able to convince them or my brother that it would be a good idea to do a road trip. I'll get you my email via a more direct method through your page.

The agave nectar says its liquid. Is this more of a ganache? Although, the amount of nectar is quite a bit smaller 1/4 cup to 2 3/4 cup cocoa + carob (albeit, 2 cups are added butter. mmm butter). Are there troubles with seizing?
hello... Ok... I am going to be bold and ask...Please forgive me if you think I am too bold. I am a newcomer to all of this and to this site. Perhaps I am over stepping the mark. If I am please tell me.
I want to try to make raw chocolate with the cocao liquor that I bought. I also have a small amount of cacao butter.
I need a recipe with amounts of each item please, so that I can give it a try.. I would appreciate any help you give me very much. Thank you in advance.
Blessings, joey
Hi Tom, I shall find out all I can for you. if you want I can buy for you and post it to you too.
Blessings, joey email...
Thanks Joey, I have sent you an email so you have mine now.
Joey I have tried to answer your e-mail but my mail gets returned Uncle Patrick
Hiya, I wonder why that is happening ! .... is the address. try again OK ?
How are you ?
hugs, joey


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