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Some advise on using chocolate colours, shimmers and colour sprays

Dear all,


I am a newbie here and I need some advise. This is my very first discussion and I hope to contribute as and when I can. I got some fancy equipment for use with chocolates that I make at home sometimes for friends and family. However, after experimenting a little I got mixed results so I thought I'd ask for some expert advise. 


I found out resellers of IBC and Pavoni in my city and I managed to get hold of a few colours:


1) IBC Chocolate Colour Powder (100 gm bottle)

2) IBC Shimmer Colour Powder (25 gm bottle)

3) IBC Creative Colour Spray (150ml Can)

4) Pavoni Cocoa Butter COlour (200 gm bottle)


However, the advise I got from them on how to use these was at best confusing. I am unsure of which colours to dissolve in chocolate, which to spray directly, which to just powder and rub later .... 


I am not a newbie when it comes to making chocolate and using chocolate equipments. However, since I have not done any formal course on this subject any advise would be welcome. I'll gladly oblige with pictures so you all can see if I am a good student or not.


Thanks to all who reply.

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