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Hello !


Firstly, thank you for this site and for this forum ! It's so useful for us!

We are new to making chocolates and we would like to create our factory for handcrafted chocolate in a small european country. 


We learned from internet, that to make 1 kg of chocolate, about 300-600 beans ( 500-700gr) are processed. Is this true ?


We would like to build our winnower. Do you have some advices ?


Thank you in advance for your help !

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My advice is to purchase a true and tested winnower, you will save money vs testing and trial and error.

I just visited Cacao Cucina in Tampa, great winnower for 11,000 USD so for 8000 Euro, you have never to worry about it...


But on the other hand, I visited a farm in Hawaii winnowing with a small vibrating table, and a modified Shop Vacuum from the hardware store.


Nice thing about buying from Cacao Cucina is the machine breaks, winnows, and results are very good, very low shell content.



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