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Source for cacao beans (not roasted nibs) in medium quantity.

Does anyone know a good source for non roasted cacao beans in medium quantity? I am looking to play around with them in my shop, not to make chocolate, but to actually make beverages out of.

I don't want to import my own, but could buy a hundred pounds or more at a time. I realize I will be paying a premium over what one would pay when buying a ton or more, but I seem to only be able to find way over priced stuff.

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Can't Art get you some?
To expensive!
John Nanci is a great supplier on the chocolatealchemy site

Best bet is a bag, which will be about 50-65 kg depending on the origin. There are a couple of growers that have operations here in the US that could easily provide you with beans in this quantity.

Patrick Pineda (Venezuela) is one of them (go to Members and Search). Another is MarabelFarms (Dominican Republic).

John Nanci is a good source for many origins but I think that you will find that he is even more expensive than Art Pollard.

:: Clay

Thank you very much. I already tried MarabelFarms, both on the contact us on their website and DM through twitter. They answered neither. I will try Patrick.

Did you try through TheChocolateLife?

I can't seem to find Marabel through TheChocolateLife. I searched Marabel and nothing. How should I locate them here?



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