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Hi every one we are a small farm in southern Philippines who are very much interested in purchasing small scale processing equipments for making chocolates any body interested in supplying us?

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great forum everybody. We are a Chocolate based Cafe in ISrael, and we are very happy there is a place where ideas can be shared.
Hi all, Peru produces excellent cocoa machinery. Mainly large scale from drying process on, however, we have just developed a Cocoa Lab equipment consisting of sample dryer, size sorter, sample roaster (100-300 grams/batch), grinder/refiner to 18-22micron in one pass. We are also working on presses and we have a very cost effective pulverizer for cocoa cake. Any questions welcome at
also look at
that is one cute roaster
So cute - everyone needs a toy like that! Wonder what they cost?
Hi Kerry,
the roaster is US$5,650 ex Works, Lima, Peru. If you are interested in a formal quote with including cost of transport to you, please let me know, stating destination?
Holy Moly......

How many lbs does it roast at one time again?
It is a handmade laboratory roaster for 100-300 grams, made entirely of stainless steel.

Hi Bent,

that's a cool bunch of toys!!! i like the roaster and i find the grinder very interesting! 

Together with cocoaTown melanger it would make the perfect chocolte lab or a chocolate factory for the Smurfs!!! 

An amazing tool for educational use as well!

What is the price of both? can you send me a quote to

Hi, Am from Uganda, Africa and growing cocoa however i want to add bean to bar in my business and i have a budget of 40,000 USD. Any one who can link me to a smal scale processing equipment? send me pictures too.

Regards, Stephen

good day stephen,

are you still interested in a small scale processing equipment? if yes pls. contact me may email add.  i can help you. thanks!

cezar lim


Any idea what the total cost of the system is likely to be in USD? How many of the production steps below will the system you're building handle?


cocoa butter pressing

cocoa powder

We are targeting to process cocoa beans for  1000 mt per year.

Really appreciate  details of  your plant and the costs involved.

It is rather urgent..Can you send details to


Ghouse Mohiddin




1000 MT of beans will result in something around 750-800 MT of liquor which will then be pressed into butter and powder. That means processing something like 3.4-3.6 MT of liquor per day (assuming 220 working days per year).

This is industrial-scale production and cannot be done (let alone be done cost effectively) using small scale equipment. I would be really surprised if you could purchase the equipment for less than US$500,000 before shipping, import duties, and installation costs. It might be closer to US$1 million. You might be able to save money by buying used equipment, but I would be extremely careful about making sure that everything actually worked. I have heard too many horror stories.

As much as anything, this is a materials-handling problem. Storing, cleaning, and moving around that quantity of beans, liquor, butter, press cake, and powder is non-trivial. You are going to want professional assistance from a company that specializes in producing equipment that operates at this scale.


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