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If this has been discussed, please direct me. I've searched a few different ways, but it's pretty easy to miss things.

I love to drink my hot cocoa. I have my own recipe, because I dislike any versions you can buy. I use 1 teaspoon sugar, 2 teaspoons instant non-fat dry milk, and 3 teaspoons natural cocoa powder per mug. I prefer the natural to the dutched powder, although I have to use one of those little aerolatte mixers to get it to blend nicely.

Hershey's cocoa powder is certainly drinkable, but it really pales in comparison to some others I have tried.

I am wondering if people here have some favorite cocoa powders, and where they get them.

I'm sorry to say I can't remember the name of one I was particularly fond of. It might have been Domori. It called itself a 'trinitario style' cocoa powder. I had gotten it from Chocosphere, but they do not seem to have it (whatever brand it was) right now.


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Vintage Plantations origin Ecuador
Askinosie Chocolate origin Soconusco, Mexico

I also believe that Valrhona's "Cacao Gastronomie" is also natural.
Thank you for the links.

I found my (empty) box of cocoa powder, and indeed it is Domori. And indeed, I can't find it.

Yikes! That Askinosie powder is a bit steep in price. $7.06 per 100 gms. The Vintage Plantations one is $1.21 per 100 gms. That's a big difference. Hard to believe it is good enough to warrant that type of premium.
I just put the info out there. I did notice the price difference (Domori is somewhere in the middle, but probably closer to the Askinosie). In the end, it's about whether or not you think the taste is special enough and you'll never know until you taste it. You might be able to purchase the powder in bulk at a lower cost without the fancy package. I have a bag of it here (Shawn sent it to me cause he's my friend and he sends me most everything he makes for me to taste). It's the same origin as the Soconusco bars and nibs so the beans are something unusual.
Well, I'm always up for a taste-test! :) I think the Domori was probably closer to $3 per 100 gm, but I'm not certain. Chocosphere now has a Grenada (blend) Cocoa Powder that sounds interesting.

Have you tried the powder from Penzey's Spice? I'm wondering how it compares to some of the other options.


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