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I live in the UK and would like to source raw cacao and cocoa butter from Peru. I have heard of Satipo and wonder if anyone knows how to source/other sources in Peru. Many of the suppliers here in the UK have only Ecuadorean cacao (and the prices are hugely inflated and not viable eg 28 UK pounds/kilo!!)

I am really interested in positive intention in sourcing!

All recommendations gratefully received,

Emma, The Chocolate Heart Ltd, Sunny Brighton, UK.

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It depends on how much you are wanting to import. I know several companies that will ship at a much lower price than that. Let me know quantities and grades and I'll make a few calls and see if I can hook you up with some good sources


I want to source some good cocoa nibs in Australia to start manufacturing my own chocolate. Can you give me any suggestions as to where to start?


My company, Big Tree Farms based in Bali, Indonesia operates two separate cacao divisions; One is specially focused on the needs of the Living Foods community throughout the world, and our the other is devoted to helping smallholders here in Bali connect with manufacturers around the world. Bali is a treasure trove of old genetics and the mix of cacao from smallholders can be fruity, chocolatey or earthy depending on the micro-origin. Should you need some nibs, we are very close. Send me a note at if you are interested.
Drop me a note at I am a cacau farmer in Brazil and would like to send samples of our superior cacau. Brazil's cacau beans are not well known because the country consumes far more than it produces. Brazil is a huge importer of cacau beans that are processed for cacau butter and then exported world wide. There are some excellent quality cacau produced and processed here. I am not a resales house, we are as close as you can get to the source..

Best regards
Jim Lucas
Hi Eric
At the moment I am just launching one bar, so only 10-20kg, but once it is live, hope to be more.
Sounds like you might be dealing with much bigger quantities.

I am seeking the elusive 'raw cacao' which means officially it hasnt gone over 120 degrees, and they are cold pressing the cocoa beans into a cake, then the cacao is cold ground and sifted. Do you think this is similar to your suppliers procesess?

Kindest Regards

Emma Clacher
Emma -

I'm glad I just caught this discussion! I am the Founder of Big Tree Farms, a sustainable supply chain company based in Bali, Indonesia and we have what we believe to be the very first ever commercially available cold-processed (below 118F) cacao butter and cacao powder. I know the production in Satipo (although admittedly I have not been there myself) and I have been sent photos of the presses in use. A major US Raw/Superfood company pulls out of Satipo as does the largest Raw Chocolate company in Australia. Both are concerned about the integrity of the product. To learn more about the issues have look at the Blog and ensuing discussion here on Chocolate Life regarding Raw Cacao: Fraud vs Fact

Also I think you would appreciate a youtube video I just posted about 10 days ago....

28uklbs/kg! That is truly unacceptable no matter HOW you slice it! When price becomes a indicator of integrity every consumer should begin DEMANDING transparency...SUPPLY TRANSPARENCY, PRICING TRANSPARENCY, SOCIAL EQUITY TRANSPARENCY.....yet currently there is NOTHING available. Go figure.
Hi Emma, I am wondering if you found out how to source cacao directly from Satipo as I would also be very interested to find out.


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