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Hi,I'm about to make a 3 dimentional design for a custom vacum forming mould.

in order to have the software design the exact size for a specific chocolate bar weight,

I need to know the specific gravity/specific weight of chocolate. the thing is that different chocolates might have different measures of specific gravity (dark,milk,white,praline,nuts etc.)

any advice?  and maybe someone knows the specific gravity of standard dark chocolate?

thanks a lot,


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Chocolate density ranges between about 1.2 grams/cc to 1.35 grams/cc.

Your chocolate can be tested for density at our facility if you like, no obligation. Send us a sample and we would be happy to do that for you.

John Micelli

135 Dale Street

West Babylon, NY 11704


Hi John,
thanks for your reply,
I am located in Israel, far away from the U.S....
the thing is that I intend to use the same mold for all of my chocolates,each containing different ingredients.
but maybe It's OK that each bar has a slightly different weight, when it comes to artisan natural chocolate...
thanks again,


No problem, all you have to do is size the mold for the lightest/lowest density product, if you have a depositor you can under fill sightly or if you flood and scrape you products will be slightly different weights.

Just so you know we ship mold to Israel, we currently make molds for Carmit, Taste of Israel. You can learn more at or email me at

You might also give consideration to how different the results will actually be if you fill the molds to the same weight even with the different densities of chocolate.

The thickness of the bar will change, of course, since different densities mean different volumes for the same weight.  But if this variation is 'seen' as a change at the 'back' of the bar, there may be no perceived quality difference. 


I think you can get a good approximation this way, if you want to go to the trouble.

Fill an accurate measuring container with exactly one litre of melted chocolate.

Weigh it (subtract the weight of the container of course).

The SG of water is 1.00 so 1 litre of fresh water weighs exacty 1 kilo, that is your reference.

If your chocolate weighs 1200 grams your SG is 1.2

If your chocolate weighs 1050 grams your SG is 1.05 etc

Ahhhhhh the metric system.

Hope this helps

thanks a lot for replying!  It's very much appreciated!



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