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My name is Beata and I work for Savage Brothers ( and I just wanted to reach out to the group and see what kind of experiences you've had with different brands of equipment, what were some of the factors that made you decide to go with the brand that you went with, and how happy you are now if you've already gone through the startup process. I know there are a few equipment threads but some of them seem to be specific to one particular brand or turn into threads of promotions for certain companies but that's definitely not what I'm trying to do. I just want to learn more about some of the issues that start-ups might run into that equipment companies aren't effectively addressing and hopefully simultaneaously help out some of those just starting out in the chocolate business!


If you have any questions more specific to Savage Brothers equipment please feel free to message me or send me an e-mail  

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Hi Kristi, You want to own one piece of equipement that is your main production item.
I would get started with a Hillard 240 with a enrober attached. This will give you a machine
That will temper your chocolate for hand dipping, and also the use of the coater for
Larger production. So happens I have a used one that I no longer use, email
Or call: 724-518-3737


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