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Hello there

I live in South Africa and will be completing a chocolate course with Ecole Chocolat soon. I am really enjoying working with chocolate and have been encouraged by the knowledge I gained from the course to start my own business. 

I would like to know what equipment I would need to start with that will get me up and running without me taking a second mortgage on my home. I can hand temper and am not sure whether  a temepring machine is more useful than let's say a guitar.

From the numerous web sites I have seen equipment is very expensive and then to ship to SA is another costly exercise.   

I would think I would need a guitar, a heating pot to hold temper, an industrial fridge (it is very warm here and humid - it's autumn and we still have temperaturs of 28 degrees Celsius. What else would i need and where would be a cost effecitve place to get these? Also what makes some equipment better than others. I have seen some posts about noisy heating pots. 

Many thanks


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Hi Shanta,

Your equipment will depend on what you plan to make. Think of it like this - which task would you like to automate most? You have to be able to save time and increase your productivity.




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