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Hi everyone,

I'm Eirven from the Philippines. I'm a new member here in this forum. I would just like to ask from you expert Chocolatiers if what are the necessary Equipments that needs to be purchased right away, and what other equipments can be purchased later. (e.g Instead of buying tempering machines right away, I'll just use the manual table tempering method using Granite/Marble tables)

I'm 20 years old, and I'm planning to Start-up a small chocolate company here in the Philippines. I'll be starting as a home-based business, and will expand later.



P.S : Bean to Bar.

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P.S Bean to Bar.

If you are going Bean to Bar, then you will also need a roaster, a winnower, a conch.  Good cacao beans.

A Stone melangeur would be good for Conching and Refining right?

For the winnower I'm planning to build my own customized winnower using a blueprint that was posted here in the website.


It depends on the quanitity of chocolaes your going to make. Marble slab method takes time and eventually you will need to invest in a tempering machine. There are cheper lower production quantity tempering machine like Chocovision Rev2. Apart from this you will need probe thermometer, bowls, dipping tools, scraper, mold. visit sites like bakedeco, chocolate doctor, ecole chocolat, jbprince, chocolateman. They sell starter kits as well

I'll be starting it as a home business so that I could cut in rental costs. I'll be starting with the minimum equipment requirements, and I'll just work my way up to bigger Equipments.

It's depend on your budget.
You must consider buy chocolate warmer if refuse buy tempering machine yet.
Because chocolate warmer at least make tempered chocolate stable and you have enough time to mould it.



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