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Kia ora Koutou!

We have a small business in Aoteaora (NZ) hand making raw chocolate.  I would like to buy a stone grinder so I can start to work with the beans and also make a range of nut butters.  Can anyone give us some advice on which machine would be best, as I read that the Spectra 40 was not good for raw chocolate due to the temp it goes to as the conch time is longer for raw......Can anyone shed some light our way,  Mauri Ora!

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Hi Yvonne,

Our customers are using the ECGC-65-A Grindeurs and Deluxe melangers for nut butters and are happy with the results. ECGC -65-A Grindeurs are easier to use and clean. They also have built in systems to prevent the motor from overheating. There is no need for external fan.

yes bravo Clay, that was enlightening. Why don't the raw foodists eat the fresh cacao pods. Does anybody export fresh cacao pods for eating?

There is a small export market for pods into the US, mainly for decorative floral applications. The pods must be fumigated, and because the supply chain is not as tightly integrated as it is in flowers, by the time the pods arrive they are way past their prime. You could eat just the seeds, but the pulp is the real treat here and once a pod has been off a tree for a more than a couple of days it starts to dry out inside and is far less appealing.

Thanks again for the information Clay!

Do you know about "metate"?


Our CocoaTown equipment like ECGC-12SL melangers and ECGC-65A Grindeurs have been used by chocolatiers around the world to grind almonds, pistachios, cashews, macadamia nuts, walnuts etc. (except peanut butter) into nut butters, and to grind raw or roasted cocoa nibs into cocoa liquor. You can find more information at 

Why no peanut butter?


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