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I have a small bean to bar company and currently use stone grindeurs on my nibs. I'm happy with the texture & flavor development- but recently someone asked me if it really would be any different if I used a steel or metal melanger.

Does anyone have any first hand information about this? Experimented?

I looked for information in previous forums but didn't find it- please forgive me (and send me to the correct link) if this is a topic that has already been thoroughly covered!


Thank you in advance!

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It's a very large topic, that, in short - the answer is a qualified yes (it could be), but for a wide variety of reasons.


You'd need to provide more information on the type of chocolate you manufacture (basics of formulation and physical parameters that are important to you), the type of equipment you currently use, and the type of equipment you'd be considering to migrate to, to effectively begin the discussion.

Oh! Im not considering a migration - just interested to hear of others experiences- do you have any?

This might be somewhat related. I was wondering whether stonemelangeurs have different textures oor polish gradesto the stones and are they generally smooth or rough?


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