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We need some help. We produce our chocolate in NY. We had a heat wave, for April at least, and it went to 81 degrees. When I went to package some chocolates, they were soft and starting to melt. We turned on the air conditioners in the house but need a real solution. Someone suggested buying a refrigerator but I am pretty sure we would need a commercial one that can be set to between 60-70 degrees. I know people use wine fridges because they go to those temperatures for red wine. Any one have this dilemma and have a solution?

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I hear you and share the pain of meltage. You can override your refrigerator's thermostat with some add on equipment. You can also control the humidity with additional stuff. Check out this discussion. 

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In the discussion Larry links to, I point out that the least expensive storage solution is a chest freezer with a thermostat override. You can set the temp of the freezer to be in the 55-65F range, which is perfect for storage. Because the top opens, less cold air leaks out than when using a front-opening fridge.


To make it easier on backs and rotating inventory, we are looking at upright freezers. If the temp is going to be between 55-65, would a refrigerator be ok also using the same thermostat override device and humidity absorbers? If getting a freezer, do we want one specifically that doesn't self defrost? I appreciate all the advice. Do you have links to where to buy those as well as the chocolate making machines?

Corey (Sara's husband)

Thank you for the advice. Now just have to figure out what size freezer we need. What do people do that sell at outdoor markets? How do you keep everything from melting?

For going to markets I use a Cambro carrier with slots for half sheet pans and a freezer pack. Be sure to wrap each tray of Chocolates in plastic wrap so they don't spill inside the carrier.  I use clear hotel pans filled with ice to display product on my table, but most of my stock is in the Cambro. This setup will work up to about 95F with a shade canopy. Above that its officially To Hot For Chocolate.


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