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I have issues with approx. 100lbs (callebaut milk) that sat at 110F for about three months.  I emptied the large tank and using in smaller batches in Perfect Air2 machine but to no avail.  I have exhausted every method I know of to bring it to temper; which I learned from the Callebaut tutorials, youtube videos and tips on this site.  I have no professional training and only about a year hands on.  Is it possible that the chocolate falls apart to no return?
Clay suggested taking it to 120F and holding it there for at least 30minutes to melt out the crystals. I am trying this now, any other ideas? 

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how do you know they're 'milk crystals' (and what are milk crystals?)

110F for 3 months is an *awefully* long time to let chocolate sit.  my strong suspicion is that, if you've got 'balls' of stuff that won't process out - it either got wet, or the temperature cycled higher than what you believe and you've got protein denaturation (or possibly lactose crystallization).  

Either way, i'd not want to eat it after spending 3 months at 110F.  Toss it.

Thanks Sebastian, sorry for the confusion; it is milk chocolate not milk crystals.  No "balls" of stuff just no shine. 

Prob not what you want to hear - but i'd most likely discard it.

Clay, taking the temp to 120F and holding for about 45 minutes worked well!  The chocolate looks and tastes good.

Thanks for the tip - I thought I posted this before.



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