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I got a frantic email from someone who claims to have:

 “…raw cocoa beans from Tanzania. We have about 25 tons stored in New Jersey. The bean count is 108pcs/100gr…. They are conventional grown. The cocoa has been fumigated. Certifications are expensive and the farmers don’t have the money to get certified. However, the quality is excellent. Tanzanian cocoa beans are great to blend with other cocoa beans. They have a fruity flavor. There is no issue with mold. They are properly fermented. The only issue is the size counts of 108pc/100 grams is giving us a hard time to move…. The terms of sale would be payment after inspection at yours or your buyer’s facility. The farmers have a capacity to supply 2500 tons annually…”


I realize this may sound "spammy", and yet there is enough detail to suggests this is a legitimate request. 


Does anyone want, or know someone who wants, these beans?


Thank you,

John R.

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How much are they asking per ton?

Can you get photos of the beans?

Is it possible to get a sample to evaluate?

Hi Brad,

I will follow-up with regards to samples and pricing.

Thank you,

John R.

Hey Brad, 

I just got a sample of about a lb.  Where can I send you some?  Thanks John R.

Tanzanian beans are typically flavor beans.  no one would ship them here, and have them be in as good condition as the email suggests, and then abandon them.  i'd be suspicious.

Thanks for the tip Sebastian.  I will be on guard. John R.


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