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I have been going on happily tempering my Valrhona and getting my truffles and molds all very beautiful, now suddenly it is not working. The chocolates unmold perfectly, but even before they set the backs have chocolate bloom.


I thought maybe I am taking it too high for the working temperature as I am taking it to the 32C as on the back of the package. Initially I take it to very high, about 58C and then temper with the seed method to 29C and up to about 32C.


I am wondering if it could be the temperature as it is summer here in South Africa (well not really, but cannot tell the difference!)  The room I am working in at the moment is about 26C, but in the morning it was probably round 24C. Previously I worked at 22C without problems.


So I do not know what I am doing here. Maybe it is the heat, I do not know how humid it is, but we have to bake and cook in the same room, so maybe it is a little too humid but it has never been a problem before.


I think I let it get too cold working with it this morning, it went down to about 29.4C at a stage, I pressed on because I was nearly finished, but all but the first two molds have chocolate mold even before they set.


I have had my husband wash and dry all the molds and I am going to try again. I am baking now and as soon as I am finished I am going to try again. I have it on the stove melting now so that it is at about 58C for a few hours. So I'll let you know what happens.


Any ideas will really help. I do not know enough to figure out why I am suddenly having problems.


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I can answer myself here! My thermometer's battery was flat and I was to thick to realize it.


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