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Hi All, 

we receive a lot of request of "sugar free" chocolate, most of them they refer to "use Agave syrup/crystals", but this is not what we think as "sugar free"!  

Unfortunately here, miscommunication or false information make people believe that Agave "sugar" (!!!) is diabetic friendly...

We know that a 85%dark  bar with sugar is better than a 55% dark made with agave, but it takes time to explain that to every one!

Now, going to the point: 

i'm capable of doing some research of real sugar free (sucrose) -chocolate maybe using stevia or other ingredients (Honey won't work). but i not really sure where to start..

Anyone any idea or suggestion?

Thanks in advance!


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and what about beet sugar? there are some sweeteners beet-based that say to be zero calories

That would be a lie.

I'd lay bets that it's fibre that's been infused with sucralose.  If it's 99.9% "natural" as the website claims, the 0.1% is the chemical sweetening agent, and the rest is filler.


That's what I'm guessing.


Notice that it isn't being marketed in the US, where a product like that, if legit would take off like wildfire???  How come?


Interesting indeed.



haha that's why I'm asking. I believe there's no substitute for sugar, but we made a batch with NutraSweet and people, that are used to consume sweeteners, liked it very much, personally I hated it, it left a horrible bitter aftertaste. But I wanted to know if there was any other beet-based sugar somewhere.

Oh my what I've missed whilst traveling. Such misinformation. Some things to consider:
- Splenda was never a pesticide, nor was that the original goal. Pls provide a credible reference to the contrary if you have it. There's a small, but very vocal, group of people who vehemently oppose any high intensity sweeteners (his), and routinely provide misinformation w/o evidence to back it up. Yes it contains chlorine; you eat chlorine every day in the form of salt, and that was never a pesticide either.
- when a marketing group "discovers" a new magical sweetener that sounds too good to be true, it is. There is no perfect solution; everything had pros/cons.
-not all sugar alcohols have a laxative effect; most do; and many aren't suitable for chocolate production. I think I've discussed it at length at the chocolate alchemy forum, if its not comprehensive enought there, let me know and I'll clarify further when time allows.
Bingo bango bongo. The largest oligofructosd supplier in the world is in Belgium, and they use beet and chicory for their extraction. Corn is the source of the maltodextrin cost reducer. Oligofructose is both a prebiotic and fiber.

Note there is no ingredient declaration listed.

Again, beware claims made by marketing companies who say things too good to be true. Remember that everything you read on an Internet page isn't accurate. Question it and independantly verify it. Independantly verify what I write 8)

Edit: huh for dome reason it's not posting this as a reply to brad, as it should be. Sorry for the odd placement


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